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Mel Miller

Mel is another true veteran of comedy. His history as an entertainer goes way back to the early sixties. The entertainment bug bit when he was still a member of the well-known folk singing group, Mel, Mel and Julian. The experience cemented Mel’s entire future as a sought after entertainer.

After having spent some time in Israel, Mel returned to South Africa in 1970 and once again entered the folk scene, bringing with him a brand new dimension…comedy! A period on television shows in the vein of Biltong and Pot-Roast soon followed as well as a good decade working the Southern Sun circuit, and the rest, as they say, became history.

Mel is a true legend of South African comedy and started mixing comedy and folk music in 1964. He shot to stardom in the country’s first television comedy series, Biltong and Pot-Roast in 1976.

“It took me twelve years to become an overnight success,” he crowed.

With his croaky, chain-smoking delivery and habit of pouring undiluted vitriol on a vast array of targets, Mel literally rips club and corporate audiences apart. His brutal delivery may fetch laments from the faint at heart and politically correct, but at its core, Mel’s comedy reflects the honesty of a latter-day Lenny Bruce. With no time for pretences or arrogance, Mel Miller strips away euphemisms and stupidity to tell it like it is, leaving his audiences helpless and hysterical as they realise nobody is safe and nothing is too solemn to laugh at. A great comedy option for corporate functions, pub evenings and even stag parties!

In 1995 he brought the house to tears with laughter in the Smirnoff International Comedy Festival. He has subsequently made an appearance at every Smirnoff Comedy Festival and co-wrote, produced, and directed a show “Things to Do in Joburg When You’ve Forgotten That you’re Dead” with the late Shaun Griggs. The show was packed for three weeks. Mel has also been to the Grahams Town Festival twice, toured with four of his own shows (Captain Chaos, Captain Chaos Flies Again, Divine Madness and Fat, Fiftyish, Pissed Off and Funny) and worked in Israel with Cyril Green and Eddie Eckstein as well as in London as part of a South African Festival.

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